「新約聖書イントロ」は当NiBS(日本語BibleStudy.com)のシリーズです。Eugene Peterson 先生のThe Messageに書かれている先生の聖書の各本のイントロを毎月最初に一つづつ紹介していきます。聖書を読んでみたい、でも一体この本に何が書いてあるの?と思ったことはありませんか?そんな問いかけへの答えに少しでもお役に立てれば幸いです。紹介する順番は実際の新約聖書の並び方とは異なります。日本語訳は筆者の拙訳です。英語のオリジナルはブログ下段に掲載させていただきました。






When people become Christians, they don’t at the same moment become nice. This always comes as something of a surprise. Conversion to Christ and his ways doesn’t automatically furnish a person with impeccable manners and suitable morals.

The people of Corinth had a reputation in the ancient world as an unruly, hard-drinking, sexually promiscuous bunch of people. When Paul arrived with the Message and many of them became believers in Jesus, they brought their reputations with them right into the church.

Paul spent a year and a half with them as their pastor, going over the Message of the “good news” in detail, showing them how to live out this new life of salvation and holiness as a community of believers. Then he went on his way to other towns and churches.

Sometime later Paul received a report from one of the Corinthian families that in his absence things had more or less fallen apart. He also received a letter from Corinth asking for help. Factions had developed, morals were in disrepair, worship had degenerated into a selfish grabbing for the supernatural. It was the kind of thing that might have been expected from Corinthians!

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians is a classic of pastoral response: affectionate, firm, clear, and unswerving in the conviction that God among them, revealed in Jesus and present in his Holy Spirit, continued to be the central issue in their lives, regardless of how much of a mess they had made of things. Paul doesn’t disown them as brother and sister Christians, doesn’t throw them out because of their bad behaviour, and doesn’t fly into a tirade over their irresponsible ways. He takes it all more or less in stride, but also takes them by the hand and goes over all the old ground again, directing them in how to work all the glorious details of God’s saving love into their love for one another.

Introduction to 1 Corinthians, The Message, Eugene Peterson